I told him I was going out.

Nope, I'm not buying it.

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I have a friend whose name is Ramesh.

There was a plate of uneaten food on the table.

We entered the restaurant and had lunch.

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His thesis summed up the new achievements made in computers, artificial satellites and rockets.

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The old man loaded his mule with bags full of sand.


She knew to an inch where everything should be.

He asked for a back massage.

I don't have to call anybody.


He tried to pass himself off as a Frenchman, but his accent gave him away.


How many people are down there?

Don't ever look at me again.

She recognized the master spy with multiple identities when his wig fell off.

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His father doesn't play golf.

We've got nothing left to talk about.

I must have made a mistake.

Please don't make me help her.

The place is nearly empty.


This is true of students.

We are entering a vicious circle.

I tried to understand what had happened.

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Can you take a little break?


There's nothing better to do.

I hope everybody is on our side.

"When you woke up this morning, what gave you the belief that this moment was possible?" "No."

Tell me at once what you want to do with the tinder-box, or I will draw my sword, and cut off your head!

Boyce doesn't know who we are.

I believed that he was a physician.

How often does Piete set the table?

The number of private colleges has increased.

Christmas is a special holiday.


What exactly are we doing?


But you will write, won't you?

The prolonged drought did severe damage to crops.

Right now, I'm not hungry.

Pull the other one.

The FBI thwarted an assassination attempt against Mayor Matt Brown.

To give a person one's opinion and correct his faults is an important thing. It is compassionate and comes first in matters of service. But the way of doing this is extremely difficult. To discover the good and bad points of a person is an easy thing, and to give an opinion concerning them is easy, too. For the most part, people think that they are being kind by saying the things that others find distasteful or difficult to say. But if it is not received well, they think that there is nothing more to be done. This is completely worthless. It is the same as bringing shame to a person by slandering him. It is nothing more than getting it off one's chest.

Eliot could've been lying.


You are entitled to your opinion.

Masanobu and I went to see Ralph off at the airport.

We can't find a good sewing machine anywhere.

She bobbed at him.

We didn't move so that we would not wake him up.


I want you to call home now.


Why did you get lost in the woods?

I am tired of hearing the same thing so often.

You know I'm married.


I appreciate the effort.

May I eat a little of it?

It will cost about 2000 yen to repair it.

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Has Elliott asked you out yet?

He consumes an enormous amount of liquor.

We should remember that politeness doesn't function at the conscious level.

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Valentin won't tell you anything.


I can come if you want.

He went so far as to hit the girl to make her obey his orders.

I never really liked him.

No sooner had he arrived than the bus departed.

It takes years of practice to play the piano well.


She speaks Arabic.

There are lots of animals in the park.

Daryl isn't my boyfriend. We're just friends.


Kristin put his racket on the ground.

Squirrels are very good climbers.

Do the dancing maidens sleep, or are they dead? The scent of the flower says that they are corpses. The evening bell tolls their knell.

It may, indeed, be a mistake.

Even you would have helped me.

Clara is eating for two now.

Evan couldn't believe his luck.


Can we talk to you now?

For over 20 years, Brahe used the island as his base from which to make astronomical observations.

Look at those fish in the pond.

"Just close your eyes," whispered Clare, and when Sue closed her eyes, he kissed her softly on the lips.

She fled for fear of being caught.

Sanjeev didn't want to go out to play.

Have fun!

A lie is a lie, no matter how you spin it.

At first, I took him for your brother.

Josh clicked the lights on.

He played a key role in the movement.

I've already talked to this student.

I will help him tomorrow.


Turn to the right at the corner, and you will find it on your left.

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This is an elephant's tusk.

The rule requires that theses be written in English.

You're nothing but trouble.

Is that website good?

What do you believe of "pelmeni"? No, I don't know such word.

They went away.

Confident as I am that you will not trifle with this appeal, my heart sinks and my hand trembles at the bare thought of such a possibility.

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I need to see Kent.

I don't want to interfere with your personal life.

They have eaten.


Dori went out onto the street.

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It's obvious what has to happen.

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Cut the cloth in a diagonal direction.

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My daughter was taken away from me.

There have been a lot of complaints about the way Seth behaves.

He achieved his purpose of studying abroad.

Another arose, pointing out the simplicity of the man who suggested asking for boats, just as if Cyrus were making the expedition back again.

I'll take you home in the car.

Dan sold his car to Linda for eight hundred dollars.

Mother closed her purse with a snap.

Burr was not satisfied with Hamilton's answers.

His doctor advised him to quit smoking.

Adlai seems optimistic.

I think you know what Pedro's girlfriend's name is.

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I would never betray you.

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Even though Sharon is sick, he's planning on going to school.


Father takes the 7:00 subway to work.


Which kind of watch do you prefer, digital or analog?

She has an attitude problem.

You don't have enough experience.

The walls have ears.

As long ago as that?!

I wish he were here.

Your idea is definitely worth thinking about.


The dam blocking the river is very wide.

I still haven't paid her.

Don't make me hurt you again.

Water has no calories.

The woman eats bread.

The iPhone is an extraordinary cell phone.

Fasten your seat belts.

Is there a live band or a DJ in this club?

Mats wants money.

You've told them, haven't you?

An interesting record is still preserved of the inhuman cruelties which were inflicted on this admirable young woman in the secret of the prison house where no eye pitied her and where no friendly hand composed her aching limbs.


Most big Japanese firms depend on exports.

We get together in the hut and eat and drink.

He suffered terrible pain from his injuries.


The body of the plane is called the fuselage. It is generally a long tube shape.

We must evacuate.

Who committed this murder?


There are many wild animals around here.

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Are vampires real?

Take off your hat.

He is alone.

Since it's cold outside, you'd better put your overcoat on.

I'm taking classes online.

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I was waiting for him.

I can take a rest at last.

I have a gripping pain here.

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What's your license plate number?

My mom always buys a bag of tortilla chips with a jar of salsa.

Curtis hates them.

Most Japanese eat rice at least once a day.

After many hardships, he now lives in comparative ease.


They will be accepted by their peers in adulthood.

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My teeth are sensitive to cold foods.

I didn't get any sleep last night.

I heard a sound.

I'm sorry I had to cancel our date.

Do you have any plans for Saturday?

My mom used to tease me all the time about it.

He cannot have completed the work by himself.